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Why stock the Cappy Trails?

Cappy Trails is all about expressing conservation through vibrant colors, playfulness, and a positive outlook. We'll bring a unique blend of art, purpose and education to your storefront's offerings that will appeal to anyone with a love of nature and ignite newfound appreciation for wildlife even among city dwellers. 

What you can expect from us

Complimentary Name drops

Custom Illustration Specials

Discounts on bulk orders

Low minimums

hand drawn designs


Products that give back

Plastic Free/Reused Packaging

Eco-Conscious Unique Goods

We operate on a small scale - our dedicated artist and CEO, along with the support of  family and friends, ensures that every order receives special attention. Most are crafted to order  both in and out of house, to ensure less product waste and more sustainably driven. 

We're more than just an online store...

And we're more than just a local artist - Our wholesaling makes us national! From Honolulu to Key West, you can find us in a variety of retail spaces!  We're honored to be included in accredited zoo's, state parks, gardens, museums, plant shops, beach shops and everything in between.

Our work with conservations takes us global!  We aid in their missions to save what we both cherish - wildlife and this planet! You can find out more about how we do this through our 'Conservation Support' page. 


We continue to seek out fresh educational pathways through our uplifting illustrations while transforming our website into a digital nature park. Within this virtual space, audiences of all ages can enjoyably learn about the vital importance of conservation and sustainable practices for a cleaner Earth.

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Get the Cappy Trails Catalog

You'll find all of our designs in here, often before they hit our retail shop! We continue to add more products every week while continue the Cappy Trails rebranding. 

Most sticker designs can be made into all the products announced/displayed inside. 

Fill out our form below to gain access to our catalog and our wholesale shop.

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Want to add Cappy Trails to your store? We'd love to work with you! Fill out the form or email us at for access to the wholesale shop and catalog.

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At Cappy Trails, we cherish our relationship with our clients and aspire to be more than a mere “add to cart” experience. Let’s have a conversation about how we can tailor our Cappy products to bring a personalized touch to your storefront

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