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A little about us

We say "we" although cappy trails is primarily solo run, but thanks to family and friends, we are able to accomplish more than we could alone. 

Cappy Trails rooted at the start of 2024, but prior was run as LE Artisan Studio for 5+ years. The name comes from our happy little capybara mascot, an animal friend to all, and the future digital nature park we are building here. 

The creative business itself is run by Laura Mincey, an avid animal activist and artist. Growing up next to the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, much of her artwork comes from the love of her home state. Illustrating those unique species helped her learn about and gain an even greater appreciation for the local wildlife. 

From there she learned about fragile ecosystems and threatened species all over the world. It was only a matter of time before donations were made and volunteer artwork began! 

Now Cappy Trails is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, exploring a whole new region of wildlife diversity. 


Our Mission & Goals

Our primary mission is to raise awareness and funds for conservation organizations through whimsical affirmative art. 
For our brand, we want to create a space where people can learn and have fun expressing their love of wildlife conservation through unique products. 

We started out wanting to give back to conservation organizations and the people who work tirelessly helping the animals behind the artwork. We continue to make strides towards these goals and finding innovative ways to better serve our community.

How We Give Back

In the past we primarily gave back through donations made through our retail and wholesale sales. To date we've managed to donate over $5,000 to various conservations. 

Starting in 2024, select retail products will be giving back directly through funding a portion of their proceeds as donations. Other products and our wholesale side will fund product donations for auctions, giveaways and PR for non-profit organizations. It will also fund our creative work for non-profits, so that they can have personal artwork that can be used to help them further their mission. 

Learn more about our conservation support!

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