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Conservation Support

Our primary mission is to raise awareness and funds for conservation organizations through whimsical affirmative art.

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How do we do it?

Every product is made with conservation in mind and most directly help funding for various wildlife conservations! While some products fund donations, others support creative work for non-profits that can be used to further their conservation missions. 

To date we have raised over $5,000 for conservation and worked with over two dozen different organizations!

Every Sale makes an IMPACT

Find more FAQ's on this subject on the FAQ page

How do we donate?

Quarterly we look at our donation thresholds for each conservation we raise funds for. If we've met that organizations minimums for donating, we will then make our contribution. For special occasions we may donate before the end of the quarter, such as on Giving Tuesday or animal specific days.

Who do we donate to?

We don't only donate to places we work directly with, some organizations may not even know us! The facilities that receive our work and donations are reputable and accredited. Most retail listings show what organization your purchase is helping. You can see a full list of organizations we currently donate to on our about page.

Where do we show our donations?

Currently they can be found on our instagram page under the "donations highlights." We hope to in the future better display this as we want to be as transparent as possible!

How much do we donate?

We make both time and monetary donations. Our volunteer time is fueled by our wholesale orders. Our monetary donations are fueled by retail sales. To put a number on it, most products donate around 10% of it's proceeds, but some do more or less depending on product costs. 

If you're a non-profit with a mission focusing on conservation and animal care, we want to help you!

Designed to help your cause

We'll promote your organization and mission on our end with our products or digital art made from our collaboration. Your project could be eligible for funding support through our retail sales!

First Come basis

To give everyone a chance without charging for our services, we take on 1 project at a time per organization. You'll get our full attention during this time! We take on 1-2 projects a month.

All types of projects

Whether it be a penguin saying hello on your website or an infographic poster - the sky is the limit for what we take on.


No matter the size project, it's available to you and your cause. Our creation for you will also be used by us to make products, and promote both of our missions in order to keep the project complimentary.

However you can purchase total rights to the project if you'd like!

Here's some of the places we've done projects for 

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Friends at James H Sloppy Floyd State Park

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How does it work?

We take on 1-2 projects a month per organization. Once there's a slot available we'll begin collaborating on the project. After getting an idea of the work, we'll create concept sketches and move on from there till we have what you're looking for. We want to make sure it's perfect so we'll be in constant contact every step of the process. 

What do you offer?

We'll create an illustration or series of elements that can be used for a variety of different promotional needs for your mission! This includes brochures, flyers, web elements, and physical products from stickers to shirts! We supply these products unless you purchase our art license to have your products made elsewhere. We'll even look into products we may not have on hand for you!

Conservation Support Form 

Want to learn more about working with us? Fill out the form below to inquire about a securing a spot!

Thank you for your interest! We'll reach out to you soon :)

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